We are a language school located in Berlin, Kreuzberg specialized in teaching German as a Foreign Language (DaF) to adult learners. We are a licensed telc partner and certified examination centre. Our course system and teaching plans are based on CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). A welcoming teaching environment that encourages participation in class is as important to us as highly educated and creative teachers. At sprachart BERLIN we believe that effective learning and having a fun, enjoyable experience supplement each other.




The education of our students is our top priority. Successful learning is achieved by creating optimal conditions for the students and teacher to work together to accomplish agreed learning targets. Our dynamic, motivated, experienced and fully certified German teachers make learning efficient, interesting and lots of fun!

                           telc LICENSED PARTNER AND EXAMINATION CENTRE

Enables our students to take the widely recognized telc examinations and obtain a telc language certificate directly at our school. We also offer exam preparatory German courses to ensure the best possible preparation for the examinations.

                                   GOAL-ORIENTED AND INNOVATIVE TEACHING METHODS 

  • Dynamic and communicative teaching approach
  • The only language spoken during class is German
  • Frequent use of the direct method which conveys the feeling for the German language intuitively through conversation, repetition, role plays and visual elements  
  • Constant correction of mistakes and feedback from the teacher       
  • Up-to-date, varied and well prepared teaching materials which also convey knowledge about Germany and its culture


                                       WHAT IS THE DIRECT METHOD?

We apply this method in our DEUTSCH DIREKT conversation classes. It focuses on the spoken rather than the grammar/structure/rules of the language. Of course this is important and the grammar is illustrated by examples and the rules are subconsciously and intuitively conveyed by means that allow the student to relate to them in a practical sense.

Our students learn new vocabulary in an engaging way by practising role plays of useful everyday situations and also the more imaginative e.g. detective missions, both helpful in achieving the real feel for the language and the proper pronunciation of German. Conversation, listening, repetition of new vocabulary with the help of visual aids are the main focus of this method. Through this our students acquire a feeling for the German language much faster than conventional techniques, developing a large lexicon that can be put into use from day one of your course.

Frequent spoken language with less theory and more practical training practice is a very effective way to prepare our students for everyday encounters in Germany and various oral examinations.

                               NATIVE SPEAKER TEACHERS

….ensure the highest quality of teaching and provide an authentic feeling for the language. Highly qualified and experienced, innovative, motivated and friendly; these are our teachers!!!

                            PERSONAL COUNSELLING

The key to a successful learning experience at sprachart BERLIN is getting it right from the start! Before you start your course you will be able to discuss with our staff any specific needs and desires; so that from your very first lesson you feel you are on the first step to achieving your goals.

                      FREE PLACEMENT

Prior to your course you can be evaluated on your existing knowledge of the language you wish to study. A placement test will be administered so that you can start on the most appropriate course for your current level. If you recently finished a level of German language, there is no need for you to take the test. But if you need it, write it comfortably online from your home or come over – no appointment is necessary.


Our team is available online and personally to the school’s opening times (check HERE) and is always happy to advise you on course dates, pricing, tests and any other information about our courses you might need. Come over without an appointment and say HELLO.


We can create customized content for you according to your needs. By focusing on achieving the requirements and learning targets of your staff we can efficiently and successfully accomplish them. When it comes to the time and place of your lessons, that is entirely up to you.




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  Do you have any questions?  CONTACT US HERE!