One to one



Individual sessions are a very effective way to learn a language and to achieve great progress in a short amount of time.

ONE-TO-ONE sessions are tailored to your individual needs and requests. We will provide every lesson to match precisely your language level and learning targets. There is a possibility to design the contents individually: whether every-day or subject-specific German, exam preparation, bringing your written or spoken German to perfection – the contents will be intensively trained and deepened together with one of our experienced teachers, so as to achieve comprehensive progress in strengthening your knowledge of the German language. It is possible to start soon at our flexible timetables.


                             60 minutes/ trial class  52€ ¹

                                           4 x 60 minutes  200€ ¹

                                         10 x 60 minutes  500€ ¹


                                                 90 minutes  77€ ¹

                           4 x 90 minutes  300€ ¹

                                10 x 90 minutes  750€ ¹


                                                                                   ¹ Course is exempt from VAT pursuant to sec 4, no.21(a)(bb) of the German Turnover Tax Act (UstG)            Ask us for a price list for private German classes for two.

Scheduled appointments for classes can be flexibly moved to a different day or time
(if changed at least 24 hours before the scheduled class).



     √   You have the teacher all to yourself! (either at the school or online)
     √   You learn at your own pace
     √   Your weaknesses are targeted
    √   You can decide on topics & contents 
    √   You speak all the time & receive feedback right away
    √    All teaching materials (copies) are included
    √   The progress you make in a ONE-TO-ONE class is enormous