Großbeerenstraße 82a
10963 Berlin, Kreuzberg


Nearest subway station (3 minutes walking distance) is MÖCKERNBRÜCKE (U1 & U7),
6 minutes away is Hallesches Tor (U6, U1) and Mehringdamm (U6, U7)






from MÖCKERNBRÜCKE (U1 & U7) – you will walk a short distance of 3 minutes to the school. You might pass the river (but there’s an exit where you don’t have to – this EXIT’s name: Tempelhofer Ufer), having the river on your left, pass a hostel on your right, turn first right into the Großbeerenstraße and the school is on your left. For the fast-paced!


from HALLESCHES TOR (U6 & U1) – you will walk along the water for about 6 minutes. When you get out of the subway station, head on the side of the canal where there is a shopping mall “Poco Domäne” and walk along the river (the canal should be on your right side). Walk down the Tempelhofer Ufer passt one big crossing until you get to Großbeerenstraße, turn left and the school is on your left.

from MEHRINGDAMM (U7 & U6) – a 6-minute-walk where you walk past the famous Curry 36 (having it on your left), take a left into the Obentrautstraße at the BIO Markt and then second right into the Großbeerenstraße and the school is on your right.


How to walk to the school from the metro station Möckernbrücke:




Friedrichstraße: 5 minutes via U6 directly to Hallesches Tor Potsdamer Platz: 8 minutes via U2 & U1 to Möckernbrücke
Hermannplatz: 7 minutes via U7 directly to Möckernbrücke  Zoologischer Garten: 11 minutes via U2 & U1 to Möckernbrücke
Warschauerstraße: 11 minutes via U1 directly to Möckernbrücke Oranienburger Tor: 8 minutes directly via U6 to Hallesches Tor




                Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday          
                                       9.00 am – 4.00 pm




Tel.: +49 (0)30 55 64 20 32


Public Holidays 2019 in Berlin Public Holidays 2020 in Berlin

8.3.2019 International Woman’s Day
19.04.19    Good Friday
22.04.19   Easter
1.05.19   Labour Day
30.05.19   Ascention Day
10.06.19   Withmonday
3.10.19   German Unity Day

8.3.2020 International Woman’s Day
10.04.20    Good Friday
13.04.20    Easter
08.05.20   Bank Holiday
1.05.20   Labour Day
21.05.20   Ascention Day
1.06.20   Withmonday
03.10.19   German Unity Day

School’s holidays

School’s holidays

01. July – 07. July 2019
30. September – 06. October 2019
21. December 2019 – 5. January 2020

02. March 2020 – 6. March 2020
29. June 2020 – 3. July 2020
31. August 2020 – 4. September 2020
21. December 2020 – 3. January 2021

There are no classes on these days and the school is closed.


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